Western Juniper

From the Northwest, naturally. 

Naturally Enduring
Western Juniper is highly durable and similar to cedar and redwood, offering decades of performance. 

Naturally Resistant
Naturally impervious to rot and insects, Western Juniper is 100% chemical free (non-toxic)

Naturally Distinctive
Fine woodworkers, designers and architects alike praise Western Juniper for its rugged and distinctive beauty.

Indoor or outdoor, for your farm, vineyard, home or garden. 




To learn more about the story behind Western Juniper, watch our video. 

In 2013, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber launched the Western Juniper Alliance (formerly the Western Juniper Utilization Group), a collaborative effort managed by Sustainable Northwest, a non-profit based in Portland, Oregon that restores forests, rivers, and rangelands for healthier habitat and clean air and water.

The goal of the WJA is to turn an ecosystem challenge – the spread of invasive Western Juniper – into economic opportunity for eastern Oregon by expanding commercial markets for Western Juniper. Members of the WJA include government agencies at all levels, environmental and conservation groups, Western Juniper harvesters, mills, ranchers, trade associations and private businesses. 

The WJA is working to grow the market for Western Juniper as a way to sustain and cultivate new business opportunities by strengthening the Western Juniper supply chain. WJA also promotes training programs to build a qualified workforce, and making sure that small businesses have the financial resources they need to grow and create jobs in rural communities.