Western Juniper

From the Northwest, naturally. 

Naturally Enduring
Western Juniper is highly durable and similar to cedar and redwood, offering decades of performance. 

Naturally Resistant
Naturally impervious to rot and insects, Western Juniper is 100% chemical free (non-toxic)

Naturally Distinctive
Fine woodworkers, designers and architects alike praise Western Juniper for its rugged and distinctive beauty.

Indoor or outdoor, for your farm, vineyard, home or garden. 

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Sustainable Northwest Wood: Tamra Rooney, 2701 SE 14th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202 | 503-239-9663 | info@snwwood.com | www.snwwood.com | Juniper decking, timbers for landscaping and raised garden beds, butcher block counter tops, and wood for cabinetry.

Growing Gardens: 2203 NE Oregon Street, Portland, OR 97232 | 503-284-8420 | juniplanter@growing-gardens.org | www.growing-gardens.org | Build-it-yourself "Juniplanter" garden box kits support gardening education for low-income families. Installation is also available.

Independence Gardens: Karen Wolfgang, Portland, OR | 503-929-7170 | Karen@IndependenceGardensPDX.com | www.IndependenceGardensPDX.com | Garden structures like raised beds, trellises, fences, arbors, and decks.


Sustainable Northwest Wood: Terry Campbell, 2701 SE 14th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202 | 503-239-9663 | info@snwwood.com | www.snwwood.com | Juniper decking, timbers for landscaping and raised garden beds, butcher block counter tops, and wood for cabinetry.

Almquist Lumber Company: Eric Almquist, 5301 Boyd Road, Arcata, CA 95521 | 707 825-8880 | eric@almquistlumber.com | www.almquistlumber.com | 5x5 and 6x6 posts, kiln dried 1" and 2" lumber, butcher block countertops, paneling, and furniture.

Intermountain Wood Energy, LLC: Scott and Loren Kellogg, 285 SW 59th Street, Redmond, OR 97756 | 541-207-2693 | woodenergy@live.com | Bundled juniper firewood and juniper cordwood.

Double M Contractors, LLC/Clear Diamond Juniper: Woody and Nicole McLin, 3150 Burgdorf Rd, Bonanza, OR 97623 | contractorsdoublem@gmail.com | 541-281-0803 or 541-891-2725 | Juniper cordwood, slabs, lumber, and posts. Kiln drying available.


In the Sticks: Kendall Derby, Fossil, OR | 541-620-2220 | junipersawmill@gmail.com |

Jim Epley: Jim Epley, Fossil, OR | 541-647-7130 | sprayor@att.net |

Southfork Gardens: David & Tony Hand, Dayville, OR | 541-792-0942 | handdavid1@yahoo.com |

Southfork Juniper Works: Rocky Perkins, Dayville, OR | 541-620-0023 | jtwehues@ortelco.net |

Ritter Forest Group: Caleb Morris, Ritter, OR | calebmorris7@hotmail.com |

Levi's Sawmill: Levi Littrell, La Pine, OR | 541-598-6031 | levilittrell@yahoo.com |

Soldier Creek Custom Juniper & Pine: Dan & Ann Haak, Burns, OR | 503-349-9875 | soldiercreekcustomjuniper.pine@gmail.com |

Harney Forest Products: Dave Clelland, Burns, OR | 907-987-4030 | clalland@live.com |

H Timber: Tony Hauth, Burns, OR | 541-573-3455 | htimbercontracting@yahoo.com |

Millwood Juniper Forestry & Sawmill: Don Lindstrom, Bend, OR | 541-213-2305 | lindstrom@vworksoregon.com |

Emmett Enterprises: Randy Emmett, Lakeview, OR | 541-219-1711 | emmettenterprise@gmail.com |

Joseph's Juniper: Gerard Joseph, Hines, OR | 503-931-6287 | info@josephsjuniperinc.com |


Central Oregon Juniper: Tom and Kim Story, Prineville, OR 97754 | 541-788-5308 | kim@centraloregonjuniper.com | www.centraloregonjuniper.com | Heirloom quality juniper products including jewelry boxes, cabinetry, and commissioned pieces.

Creations by Joseph: info@creationsbyjoseph.com | www.creationsbyjoseph.com | Rustic and beautiful furniture, wood flooring, fireplace mantles, wainscoting, pillars, support beams, railings, staircases, rustic fencing, and more.

Robb Nelson Manufacturing: Robb Nelson | 541-604-6760 | rd50nelson@gmail.com | Furniture and custom projects

Trillium Pacific Millwork: Mike Lipke, 2814 Industrial Ave. Hubbard, OR 97032 | 503-982-9663 | info@trilliumpacific.com | www.trilliumpacific.com | Butcherblock countertops, T+G paneling, wood boxes, and other specialty items using Juniper.

Trinity Mountain Products: Elsie Ackerly, PO Box 1538, 430 Morgan Hill Road, Hayfork, CA 96041 | 530-628-5500 | www.trinitymountainproducts.com | Design and manufacture of retail display fixtures including produce displays, bakery displays, floral displays and mobile Ice Fixtures.


Harvest Western Juniper

If you are a landowner, and the juniper being cut down on your property is Phase II or Phase III and there is road access to the cut trees, you may be able to have it removed from your land at no cost.

Before you cut, contact our juniper harvesting and supply representative to find out if the cost of removal from your land can be eliminated or reduced! We will provide a no cost consultation and recommendations for contractors and sawmills in your area.

Jeff Maben
(541) 620-8096