Western Juniper

From the Northwest, naturally. 

Naturally Enduring
Western Juniper is highly durable and similar to cedar and redwood, offering decades of performance. 

Naturally Resistant
Naturally impervious to rot and insects, Western Juniper is 100% chemical free (non-toxic)

Naturally Distinctive
Fine woodworkers, designers and architects alike praise Western Juniper for its rugged and distinctive beauty.

Indoor or outdoor, for your farm, vineyard, home or garden. 

Why Western Juniper

A better building product for a better Oregon 

Western Juniper, native to Oregon’s High Desert, is known for its durability and rustic beauty.  Impervious to rot and disease, Western Juniper is an ideal building alternative to cedars and redwood.

Western Juniper is not just a natural beauty–it's a natural survivor. Decades of fire suppression and past rangeland activity allowed this native tree to overtake the sagebrush. Now, it is taking over rangelands, using up precious water, and destroying habitat for sage grouse and other wildlife. By sustainably harvesting Western Juniper, we are restoring Oregon rangeland to its natural state and returning more water and a healthy wildlife habitat to the high desert.

Sustainably harvesting Western Juniper also creates much-needed jobs in Oregon’s rural communities. All of which allow the Oregon range to be just a bit more free.

To learn more about the story behind Western Juniper, watch our video.